Elegant Disruptions is a group of talented multi-discipline designers, programmers, machinists and fabricators that assist clients in creating solutions to existing problems or provide guidance in defining future needs. Elegant Disruptions’ design process concentrates on helping the client define the ‘’Preferred State” of a product – the product’s desired functionality – rather than focusing on the product’s current technology. As such, Elegant Disruptions is able to introduce their clients to new, potentially disruptive technologies in the creation of new products or forewarn them of the risk of these technologies to their current business model.

Elegant Disruptions rapidly develops proof-of-concepts or prototypes
using a rapid, agile development process incorporating modular, commercial components when available and fabricating others as needed. This method permits a fast turnaround and the ability to quickly test and modify multiple designs before final prototyping is started. Elegant Disruptions will then execute or monitor the complete product cycle from concept to production.