Products or Services produced by Elegant Disruptions staff:


  • Designed and manufactured a portable Radon gas testing laboratory used by many state agencies including the State of Connecticut.
  • Designed and fabricated a telescope control system for a major university.
  • Designed and fabricated various electronic prototypes.
  • Designed and manufactured a commercial real-time radon monitor for a national
    security firm.

Design Services:

  • Redesigned a telescope film scanner to improve accuracy and speed.
  • Designed and installed multiple automated measurement workstations on the production floor of a major auto parts manufacturer. Coupled with an automated data collection, analysis and reporting capability, the system aided the manufacturer in maintaining its “Q1” quality certification.
  • Designed and managed the construction of several computer datacenters.
  • Consulted on the design and construction of various biomedical devices.

Computer Programming:

  • Created an artificial intelligence expert system to assist a manufacturer in improving the efficiency of their manufacturing process.
  • Developed financial models of market activity to aid in trading decisions.
  • Designed high performance/low latency trading infrastructures.
  • Created management software for high-energy linear accelerators.

Energy Management/ Building Controls:

  • Designed and installed customized software models for commercial building management systems.
  • Created and supported conservation and other services for commercial clients
    of major electric, gas and telecommunication utilities.

Environmental Monitoring:

  • Studied the effects of air pollution on biological systems.
  • Managed municipal air quality monitoring stations.
  • Designed and fabricated custom computerized environmental monitoring laboratories.
  • Created a high performance radon testing protocol used in testing
    Connecticut schools.
  • Performed radon gas testing at Connecticut schools.